the rope around my wrist started to hurt
my crown and your mask lie in the dirt
dripping blood, ice cold heart
leaving hints in the snow
you simply pulled the trigger
and left the stage of your show

and I mean I knew he did
but I thought he wouldn’t do
it all over again
now I find myself in
sadness and fear and pain
why do these four letters make me go blind?

you wrested
my heart off my chest and
killed me one last time
I fell from the nine
you ran out of the door
and let it open
tears and mind are frozen
I still watch the footprints you left over here

I cry myself to bed every night
you tried to cover up the walls and painted them white
but there’s no way to hide
all your faults and all your lies
memories will never die
you’ll never answer my whys

and I hate to see that you are doing fine
every morning is fulfilled with silence and useless

time won’t grow me a new
heart between my lungs
and I’m tired of feeling blue
you own something that
doesn’t belong to you
how did these four letters
make me go blind


I wonder where you will place your trophy
decomposing in the basement getting dusty
and I’ll come to take back what’s mine
I will come to take back
take what’s mine



from Lost In Thought - EP, released January 29, 2016
written & produced by: Veronica Fusaro
mixed & mastered by: Luk Zimmermann (Influx-Studios Bern)



all rights reserved


Veronica Fusaro Thun, Switzerland

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