Lost In Thought - EP

by Veronica Fusaro

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So here it finally is. My debut EP, Lost In Thought. A tiny little excerpt of my world. I put a lot of love, passion and time into it, and I'm very proud of what has come together. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I hope I can make you think. I hope, I can make you get lost in your own thoughts. And maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for. Maybe you won’t. Sometimes this ends up being the right thing too.

A big thank you to Luk, you did an awesome job on mixing&mastering the whole thing!

Also a huge thank you to Patrizia Wüthrich for creating this wicked artcover. I love it.

Lots of love to my friends, crew and family for supporting this crazy dream of mine and for inspiring me. Thank you. You mean the world to me.

Finally, thank YOU for listening to this! Hope you like it!

Yours truly,
Veronica Fusaro


released January 29, 2016

All songs* written, produced and performed by Veronica Fusaro
*except for Come To Naught: written & produced with Lisa Mark

mixed and mastered by Luk Zimmermann (Influx-Studios Bern)

Artcover by Patrizia Wüthrich (www.instagram.com/mother.mold/)



all rights reserved


Veronica Fusaro Thun, Switzerland

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Track Name: Come To Naught
Come To Naught

sandstorms all around
scorpions in my mouth
dry dry dry ashes falling down
I cannot make out
what life is about
quicksand the thoughts are gonna drown

it’s like I’m counting all the sand corns, I’ve never started
so I’ll never be done
grinning sun
I’m all gone
days are long
loaded gun
I said it’s done, I said it’s done

burning feet
I’m completely free
or is it just an imaginary
state of mind
am I blind? oh so blind
I will search but not find
I’ll never find

come to naught
fading stars up above
blurring all my thoughts
dreaming till we reach the other shore

throw away all the words I said
don’t know what would have happened if I stayed
leaning back, diving deep deep into my head
howling wolves but I’m not afraid
to go, no matter what’s around me
snakes are falling from the sky
the silence the unspoken words
wrapping me in
feeding my hurts
no direction, no goal
it’s a sweet sweet burning like I’m swallowing glowing coals
there’s nothing around me, nothing to say
nothing within me, nothing but grey

Track Name: Pluto

we came from the back of pluto now we are breathing
from the day you say hello to the one on which you’re leaving
so much to achieve, minds are filled with dreams
got no color scheme, you just gotta find a gleam
in this chaotic forest
because let’s be honest
we all know this thing called fear

cause the skeleton’s walking inside of me
but that won’t stop me from being free
to live life fullest
even if bullets
will hit my chest
I’ll get up and
go for the crown
no-one can tie me down
I wanna scream and shout
hope you’re ready cause I’m coming now

leaving in a rocket
off to outer space
lost yet moonlit
feeling the thunder bass

you know we love it
yeah we’re winning this race
hope you’re ready, cause we’re coming now

waiting for the night to show us little wonders
and then when we dream too big sometimes we go under
but we’ll come back up again
the monsters became our friends
got some hearts to mend
I hope this will never end
framing some more memories
remember them vividly
humming our own melody
own melody

tonight we leave our fears at home
cause we wanna go for the throne
living life fullest
even if bullets
will hit my chest
I’ll get up and
go for the crown
no-one can tie me down
I wanna scream and shout
hope you’re ready cause I’m coming now

Track Name: Dragon

you’ve been through some rough times
it’s been raining for a while
just know it’s okay to cry
there is no need to deny

you’ve been walking through this world
with wet eyes
even some clouds settled in your mind

but hey, every seed needs some water
to be able to bloom
every way leads to somewhere
and you’ll attain it soon
this breaking heart can be fixed, for sure
with some patience and love

Show them the dragon you’re hiding in there
dare to imagine something out of the square
cause you know you can make it
yeah you know you can take it all
but if you wanna fly first
you gotta let yourself fall

being knocked-out is no fun
and the game has just begun
so common stand up again, my dear friend

cause even the darkest sea
hides some pearls you just need
to keep swimming

Track Name: Wrested

the rope around my wrist started to hurt
my crown and your mask lie in the dirt
dripping blood, ice cold heart
leaving hints in the snow
you simply pulled the trigger
and left the stage of your show

and I mean I knew he did
but I thought he wouldn’t do
it all over again
now I find myself in
sadness and fear and pain
why do these four letters make me go blind?

you wrested
my heart off my chest and
killed me one last time
I fell from the nine
you ran out of the door
and let it open
tears and mind are frozen
I still watch the footprints you left over here

I cry myself to bed every night
you tried to cover up the walls and painted them white
but there’s no way to hide
all your faults and all your lies
memories will never die
you’ll never answer my whys

and I hate to see that you are doing fine
every morning is fulfilled with silence and useless

time won’t grow me a new
heart between my lungs
and I’m tired of feeling blue
you own something that
doesn’t belong to you
how did these four letters
make me go blind


I wonder where you will place your trophy
decomposing in the basement getting dusty
and I’ll come to take back what’s mine
I will come to take back
take what’s mine

Track Name: Let Em Talk
Let Em Talk

say you’ve been only thinking bout another day
say you’ve been only thinking bout an escape
you got the words ready in your head
ready to spit them out but instead
you keep your mouth shut
and you listen to what
the headlines got to say
they say the world is not okay
they keep keep throwing them things in your face
they keep keep telling them stories, no trace
of peace
people hear and repeat
ain’t no reason to be
waisting time and energy
on thinking
loving, living, loving, living
they caught us loving

so they started talking
all they talk about is simply nothing
sun is going down, truth is crawling
people still keep talking

moving gently
killing softly
living easy
could have shot me
but you didn’t where’s the plot?
maybe for once there is none
but we see the gun
all that we should do is run
but the fight has just begun
we are meant to meet the sun
so we stare into the gat
we’re the mouse and they’re the cat
we see death and they see rats
we see stones and they see glass
but they forgot that glass is brittle
with some sun we’ll make it sizzle
it’s time to solve this riddle
I’m tired to feel this little
and they blame it all on us
say the only thing we do is cuss
but that ain’t true we wanna pursue
our dreams and goals but it’s hard to
if everyone keeps talking us down
we won’t let our hearts frown
we gon give them something to talk about
we gon give them something to think about
we gon give them what they want
what they want cause 


let em talk let em talk let em talk talk
we're gonna show them that we’re strong enough